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To Save Mom From A Snake Bite, The Puppy Jumps In Front Of Her

Paula Godwin, an Arizona homeowner, was walking her two dogs last Friday when she nearly tripped on something on the pavement in front of her.

It was a rattlesnake, and he was preparing to snap at Godwin’s legs in self-defense after being frightened by Godwin.


Todd, Godwin’s golden retriever puppy, ran at the snake without losing a beat, standing in front of his mother to protect her from the bite.

Instead of biting Godwin, the snake lunged and bit Todd on the snout, sparing him a severe and poisonous bite.


Godwin said on Facebook, “He leaped exactly in front of my leg where I would have been bit.” “This is how a hero seems.”

Todd began to yell loudly in pain, and his face began to swell. Godwin was able to transport him to the animal hospital within minutes of the occurrence, which was fortunate. The vet gave him antivenom and kept him for the remainder of the day to keep an eye on him.


Godwin was terrified by the occurrence, but she owes it to her brave dog that the day didn’t end out any worse.

While rattlesnakes seldom attack adults and their bites are rarely lethal, their venom may be extremely severe, causing impaired vision, numbness, discomfort, and trouble breathing.


Todd is back on his feet and feeling much better after a little rest and lots of cuddles from Mom. He still has a black wound on the side of his nose, but the edema from the bite has substantially decreased.

Todd has received good wishes from all over the world for his bravery and loyalty, and it’s safe to assume he’ll be enjoying extra treats from now on.


“My precious Todd is without a doubt my idol,” Godwin stated. “He’s doing incredibly well. I feel compelled to add that the man upstairs is undoubtedly keeping an eye on me as well.”