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Woman Quits Stressful City Job To Raise Special Needs Baby Goats, Loves Every Minute Of It

Meet Leanne Lauricella, a woman who quit her stressful job in the city to establish a sanctuary for baby goats! Recalling her days as a NY career woman, Leanne told Cosmopolitan: “I had a great job… but the commute was awful, the stress level was high… I was feeling completely unfulfilled and I knew there had to be something more.” Then one day in 2014 she visited a farm and fell in love with baby goats. Eventually, that lead to establishing Goats Of Anarchy, an organization that takes care of special need, orphaned and disabled goats.

“It was clear that this was the lifestyle that I wanted… I decided to trade in the high heels for muck boots and my Mercedes for a classic Chevy pickup”. The woman adds that she was “loving every minute of it.”

“Some people have called me foolish or irresponsible for quitting my job without a plan, but for me, it was a leap of faith,” Lauricella explains. On the first day of Leanne’s unemployment, the woman gained 30,000 followers after Instagram shared her post. “I took this as a sign that I was on the right track.”

Leanne says that “When you find and follow your passion, all of the silly things you thought were important, don’t seem so important anymore”. Nowadays she is more concerned about how to help rescued, disabled, and orphaned baby goats than what to wear, etc.In addition to goats, Leanne also adopted a mini horse, a mini donkey, two bunnies, and a pig – and she couldn’t be any happier!