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During An Armed Robbery, A Stray Dog Adopted By A Gas Station Rushes To The Rescue And He Is So Happy For What He Has Done

When a fearful and thin stray dog began arriving outside this gas station in Tamaulipas, Mexico, two years ago, the employees did more than just notice.

They sought to acquire the pup’s trust, even though he was wary at first and showed evidence of abuse.


The station’s owner, Gerardo Aguilar, told The Dodo, “We fed him, washed him, and got him vaccinated.” “He was adopted by us. He now lives here and is looked after by all of the employees.”

Randy was the name given to their new canine colleague by the employees, but no one could have predicted the remarkable way in which that gentle pooch would return them for their compassion.


Two armed thieves arrived at the station one evening this week and demanded that the station attendant unlock the office where money is stored. They began hitting and kicking the worker, knocking him to the ground.

He wasn’t outmanned for long, though.

Randy, who had been sleeping in the station’s warehouse, had apparently been startled awake by the ruckus and rushed in to chase the invaders away.

Here’s what the dramatic moment on the security camera looked like:

“We were astonished by his reaction, and we are obviously pleased with him,” Aguilar added. “Who knows how things might have turned out if Randy hadn’t intervened. He expresses his gratitude and delight in being with us.”

Randy also makes other people happy when he isn’t busy being a hero.


Nuria Arellano, a regular customer at Randy’s gas station, told The Dodo that she chooses that place to fill up because of the adorable puppy that lives there.

She hopes that additional businesses will be encouraged to employ stray dogs like Randy.

“He improves the overall experience. I constantly call him, and he walks into my truck and puts his face to mine “According to Arellano. “It would be fantastic if the mentality changed and additional rescued dogs were available at other gas stations and retailers. Let’s hope this happens at some point in the future.”

After all, as Randy demonstrates, having a dog on staff is beneficial to the company in several ways.