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Little Dog Already Adores Her Baby Sister Who Hasn’t Been Born Yet

This puppy called Penelope is expecting a new baby sibling. Despite the fact that they won’t meet until she’s born in a few weeks, the sweet little puppy has already started showering her with affection.

Penelope is captivated, to put it mildly.

Penelope lives with her owners, Juliana and her family, in Brazil. Juliana is 34 weeks pregnant, and despite not receiving an official pregnancy announcement, Penelope appears to be aware that a baby is on the way.

Juliana told The Dodo, “I think she understands.” “She has the impression that things isn’t quite right. We put up a little nursery area for her, and she enters and sits under the cot. She’s always been needy and loving, but it’s gotten a lot worse with me.”

Penelope, on the other hand, did something unexpected recently. Juliana sat on the couch when the dog approached her and began to snuggle – not just with her, but also with the baby inside her.

Here’s a video of the heartfelt moment: