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This Maine Coon Is So Fluffy You’re Gonna Die

Meet Pixel, the Maine Coon cat with one of the fluffiest furs in the world. This majestic cat came into the life of her owners while still being a kitten, but even back then she was larger than most average adult felines. Now that she’s fully grown, there seems to be no end to her luscious fur. Pixel’s humans keep her coat neat with regular brushing. And yes, you are right if you think this cute cat leaves a lot of her fur in the house because of shedding, but her owner responds that: “(It’s) a humongous amount but it’s totally worth it!”

Just like many other adorable cats, she likes to play with toys and jump on the laptop’s keyboard once her human is about to do some serious work on the computer. The only problem is, Pixel is such a huge and fluffy cat that the entire device gets buried under her coat.

Maine Coons are the largest felines from all the domestic cat breeds. They have big bones and strong muscles. Male Coons can weigh up to 18 pounds and be up to 40 inches in length. Also known as the American Longhair, they come in 75 different color combinations. Due to their social, loyal, and friendly character, these beautiful cats are sometimes called ‘dogs of the cat world.’