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This is the Shelter Worker Who Adopted the Cat That Wouldn’t Stop Meowing at Him

Sugar and his brothers came at the Exploits Valley SPCA in July, and it was apparent right away that he was unwell. He had a respiratory infection that need medicine, so he had to stay at the shelter a little longer than the rest of his litter before being adopted.

Sugar bonded with all of the shelter workers and volunteers while he was recuperating, and he liked showing off what a lovely little cat he was.


“From the start, he was quite sociable and vocal,” Sarah MacLeod of the Exploits Valley SPCA informed The Dodo.

Glen was one of the staff members who Sugar interacted with frequently. Glen has been volunteering at the shelter for the past 30 years and loves it. He was frequently sent to clean the room where Sugar was residing, and Sugar was so delighted every time he saw Glen.


Sugar would scream at Glen to stop working and pay attention to him, according to MacLeod.

Sugar would meow incessantly whenever Glen went by, until Glen eventually gave him some love and attention. Glen had fallen in love with many cats over the course of 30 years, but he had always managed to see them off to their permanent homes. Sugar, on the other hand, was unique. Glen and Sugar’s connection was undeniably unique.


Glen definitely hadn’t had any plans to adopt a kitten. After a while, though, it became clear that Sugar wasn’t going to be happy unless he was always by Glen’s side. He knew what he had to do.

“Glen wasn’t looking to adopt, he has a cat already, but loved Sugar too much to let him be adopted,” MacLeod said.


Sugar was overjoyed when Glen announced that he had adopted her into his family.

Sugar has moved into his new home and is enjoying his new life. Glen believes he made the correct decision every time he wakes up and sees Sugar.

“Sugar is doing great at home, and Glen even brought him over to see us,” MacLeod added.

Some relationships are simply too special to be overlooked. Everyone is ecstatic that Glen and Sugar have found each other and will never be apart again.