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People Are Having Difficulty Identifying All Of The Cats In This Photograph

There are cats in this picture, no doubt about it. However, if you only see three cats, you are one cat short.

Go ahead and give it a go. Can you locate the fourth?


KittyInALabCoat, a Reddit member, just submitted this perplexing photograph taken by her father the other day. Even he assumed he’d captured only three black kittens – until his daughter took a closer look.

“He didn’t see the [fourth] cat until I showed him the image,” KittyInALabCoat said to The Dodo. “My immediate emotion was exhilaration, as well as a challenge to my family to discover it.”

Many individuals had difficulty locating the remaining cat after seeing the photo online.

If you’re still stumped, here’s your man:


It turns out that, in addition to the apparent black cats, there’s a master of concealment among them.

And he’s certainly easy to overlook.


It’s up to a cat to turn an otherwise uninteresting snapshot into something worth sharing.

“I appreciate that the photo is bringing people joy,” KittyInALabCoat stated.