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Man Makes A Makeshift “Wheelchair” To Help His Disabled GoldFish Swim

After noticing his goldfish wasn’t able to swim upright, this concerned pet parent made his ailing goldfish a makeshift floating device out of a cork and some gauze. With the buoyancy device attached around its midriff, the little fish can once again swim and stay upright!

Sometimes goldfish get bladder diseases or other health ailments that affect their ability to stay afloat and upright. That’s where some old-fashioned ingenuity can help a sick goldfish get better!

As one person who made their disabled goldfish a “floating sling” so that she could swim said, “She has trouble maintaining buoyancy on her own. She looks a little silly, but it is better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day!”

And Einstein’s owner made him a special fish-friendly life jacket out of recycled tubing after the Fantail Goldfish lost the use of his fins when he developed swim bladder disease. Now the fish can swim around the tank with his friends!