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They Film A Concerned Rooster Guarding Two Abandoned Puppies As Though They Were His Offspring

There are numerous stories on the Internet about altruistic moms, but not only do they know how to love their children. On this occasion, a video circulating on social media confirms the adage that “the father is not the one who begets, but the one who breeds.” The amusing aspect of the situation is the disparity between the committed father and his kids.
It’s a unique situation in which a rooster opted to adopt nothing more than a pair of cubs. It was not an issue for the bird because they can easily double in size.

Credit: Mkad06

These four-legged friends took a chance and ended up with a very unusual adoptive parent. Although the rooster’s human is aware of the furry ones, the fact is that the rooster feels responsible for the tiny ones.

The father is only at ease with his children at his side, and he does not want anybody else to look after them. As a result, he never separates from the dogs for more than a minute.

Credit: Mkad06

The owners of the bird were moved by the unexpected sense of fatherhood displayed by the bird and chose to capture one of their enjoyable moments with their dog to share on social media.

As you can expect, the subject not only piqued the users’ interest, but also touched them to the point of leaving the most lovely messages to the dedicated father.

Credit: Mkad06

Nobody will be able to see the amusing video without thanking the rooster for being so responsible.

“Father is not the one who bears children, but the one who nurtures them,” one of the users stated.

Another netizen said, “What a darling cock, so vigilant to take care of them.”