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Heartless Man Shoots Puppy In The Face For Being ‘Too Happy’

Even in the darkest situations, dogs have been portrayed as being quite amiable and amusing creatures with people. Sadly, not everyone finds this trait endearing, and when gentle Ice stumbled into a cold-blooded guy, the latter chose to kill him for having a “too joyful” countenance.

The puppy was just 7 months old when he was discovered in Greece, bound to a tree. The hikers who discovered him initially believed he was dead, but when they realized otherwise, they immediately sought assistance.

Ice clung to life as they transported him to a shelter. He was compassionate and sharing his best energy with everyone despite the severity and suffering of his wounds.

Ice had to have numerous operations to try to repair his face after developing a major infection in his incision.

Although the medical staff was able to significantly enhance the wound’s look, his scar is still visible, which made the adoption procedure slightly more difficult.

After his recuperation, Ice waited a long time in the shelter for someone to take notice of him and offer him the opportunity to become a member of a stable family, but nobody appeared to be interested. They might not have been able to see past the scar on his face.

After a year, Ice discovered the ideal family and is now a happier dog than ever. He resides in the UK, is loved by his adoptive father, and is surrounded by another puppy.