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Every Day, A Friendly Dog Swims Across The Lake To Find New Friends At Camp

A lady who used to work at a lakeside camp and still visits there on a regular basis has become the key witness to a curious habit of a friendly dog who swims towards the camp to meet people and play with them for a time.

When Amanda Vermeer or anybody else sees a dog swimming on the lake in the distance, they know it’s the friendly Thunder. Thunder’s visit has already become a part of his routine, and the camp inhabitants are aware that it will continue.

Thunder is around ten years old, but everyone recalls him swimming from home to camp every day since he was a puppy. Thunder always finds a way to keep up with his habit of crossing the lake every day, no matter how hard his family tries to stop him.


According to Amanda, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I believe his favorite part of the camp is swimming in the lake, but on the lake side of the camp, I believe he loves roaming about, saying hello to everyone, and trying how far he can get before being caught.”

People who see and know him also offer him hugs and bites of food, which serves as an additional source of encouragement.


When someone observes Thunder, they immediately phone their father to inform him that the small puppy has done it again again. Thunder’s father’s phone number is in the phone book of all camp residents and clients, in case they need it.

When he goes away from home, if his father does not receive a call, he gets in the vehicle and starts looking for him.

Amanda continued:

“Since Thunder doesn’t swim home, he can usually be located around the camp, so that’s the first stage of his hunt.”


The family of the cute dog has tried a million different things to get him to stay at home, but they have accepted that he is now a part of their lives.

Thunder’s father, according to Amanda, once told her about his son’s attitude and said:

I’m not going to stop him from swimming… It’s his passion. That is something I would never take away from him. I hope I could teach him how to swim back to his house.

Thunder knows that if he runs away long enough, someone will find him and his father will come to the camp to fetch him up.


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It’s all a game to him, so he tries to enjoy his time at the camp before someone catches him.

Amanda expressed herself as follows:

“Whenever he reaches the beach and emerges from the water, he’s always so pleased of himself, as if he’s shouting, ‘Tada!’ Look at me, I’ve arrived! He prefers to do his own thing, so catching him and strapping him on never gets him thrilled.

When others grab him, he gives them a brief glance and mutters something about having completed his journey, but then he accepts it and gets caresses.


Thunder is content at camp, but when he sees his father’s vehicle, he begins to wag his tail and become quite excited. Thunder’s favourite routine is without a doubt swimming across the lake, and he will continue to do so till his strength allows it.

Amanda had this to say:

“He’s been swimming practically every day for the past seven summers; I believe it’d be uncommon for Thunder not to swim across at this point.”


Those who live near the lake have come to terms with the fact that there will always be a nice small dog swimming about, eager to welcome them.