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This Dog Does Not Leave His Passed Away Father’s Side From The Ambulance To The Funeral

Gisele Sics had a tough time when her loving uncle Paulo Sics passed away. The woman, who lives in Parintins, Amazonas, Brazil, recounted a touching story of her uncle’s pet dog’s loyalty. Following the death of his closest buddy, the dog remained by his side for the rest of his life, expressing his love and devotion to his departed parent.

Without a question, Paulo was a well-liked member of the community, his family, and friends, but his devoted canine companion got the largest and most passionate expression of affection.

Gisele shared the following on her Facebook page:

“Unfortunately, my uncle had to go today, but he carried with him a certainty that was extremely important to his devoted friend.”


The dog’s adoration was always returned by his closest buddy, and when he was in the ICU, Paulo would often inquire about his beloved pet; for this guy, getting news about his dog was the highlight of his day. Unfortunately, Paulo’s health could no longer hold out.


Gisele also noted:

«From the ambulance to the cemetery, he was followed by his dog. It was heartbreaking to watch him in the coffin kissing his father, because his dog was like a son to him… They had to put up with him in order for him not to commit himself by jumping into the grave… He’d never witnessed a love like that before ».


During his father’s burial, the dog remained by his side and expressed his love and thanks for him. The sorrowful dog stayed with the person who had cared for him all his life, as if he knew it was his last farewell.


Although the puppy did not completely comprehend what was going on around him, the bond he had with his human throughout his time with him may have led him to believe that this was his father’s last farewell.

Fortunately, Paulo made sure his best companion was secure before he went, and now his grandson will look after the lovely little dog.