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This Seal Found A Soft Toy Imitation Of Himself And Is Unable To Quit Hugging It

Seals are incredibly beautiful animals that make us feel very emotional when we see them, and seeing this seal with a stuffed facsimile of itself is even more wonderful. This cute animal can be seen in Mombetsu Land, a theme park in Hokkaido, Japan, where she received a special present from the zoo staff in the form of a stuffed animal that looks exactly like her and that she can’t stop hugging.

The seal was enamored with her plush animal and couldn’t stop caressing and playing with it.

Credit: Notasdemascotas

The animal can be seen squeezing the toy close to its heart in the photos. The seal may believe the toy is its child, but it is actually rather sweet.

Credit: Notasdemascotas

There are groups all over the world tasked with putting an end to this heinous massacre and spreading environmental awareness.

Credit: Notasdemascotas