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Dogs Waiting In Line To Eat  At Police-Installed Pumps Special Only For Dogs

One of the most difficult obstacles for homeless animals is getting food and water, but police in Huaraz, Peru, have demonstrated that they may still have confidence in mankind by installing food dispensers to solve this problem. as well as water

Outside the police station, officers put food dispensers. According to La Repblica, this attracted the interest of many dogs, who formed lengthy lines to feed themselves and quench their thirst.

The animals anxiously awaited their turn. The photographs were posted on social media and received a lot of favorable feedback.

Credit: National Police of Peru

The dispensers are created from recycled PVC tubes and other components. Because cats and dogs do not damage rubbish bags when hunting for food, the program helps to keep the city cleaner.

Credit: National Police of Peru

These sorts of homeless dog food containers are becoming increasingly common in Peru, and the majority of them are the result of police activities.

Credit: National Police of Peru

For the past few years, Tacna and Chiclayo police officers have been putting food dispensers for homeless animals.

Credit: National Police of Peru

The Peruvian National Police has showed a strong interest in animal welfare and has issued a challenge on social media:

«Collaborate with your neighbors to set up a water and food dispenser for the dogs that need it the most. Do you agree with me? #YoMeSumo » is a hashtag created by YoMeSumo.