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Dalmatian Finds An Abandoned Puppy And Decides To Keep Him Forever

Rey Caquias and his dog, Thiago, went on a stroll near their house in Puerto Rico earlier this month. The joyful couple didn’t realize it at the time, but they’d end up walking as a trio.

But, due to Thiago, they were able to do so.


Caquias saw Thiago appeared preoccupied by something just off the trail around halfway through their stroll. Despite Caquias’ encouragement, Thiago looked adamant on obtaining a better look.

“He made a detour through the woods.” Caquias told The Dodo, “I started phoning him, but he ignored me.” “It was at that point that I heard a little bark. Then I noticed a really nervous tiny puppy if I looked attentively.”


The puppy, which was thought to have been abandoned there, was frail and terrified, and it seemed unlikely that he would have lasted much longer on his own. But, due to Thiago, assistance was on the way.

Caquias made the decision to save the dog, who had bit him out of terror. He was able to securely transfer the small puppy home after obtaining a box to transport him in.

Here’s a clip from Caquias’ video of the touching rescue:

@reycaquias #dalmata ♬ sonido original – Rey

Caquias washed and fed the puppy before taking him to the clinic for an examination.

Thiago, the small dog’s hero, was at his side the entire time.


The dog that had been on the verge of death had become considerably stronger and healthier — both inside and out — in only a few days.


“I’ve grown very fond of him,” Caquias said.

And clearly Thiago has, too.


“They get along swimmingly!” Caquias remarked.

Thiago did more than merely save the puppy’s life in the end. He also made a positive difference.