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This Dog’s Best Friend Passed Away And She Still Leaves Half Her Food For Him

Boise, Idaho resident Easton Dufur, 18, recently had to bid his 13-year-old dog, Stich, farewell because of old age. Although losing a pet is tough for humans to deal with, the second canine member of the Dufur family, a loving dog named Cookie, has shown that we are not the only ones that suffer in this scenario.

Although Cookie was seven years younger than Stich, the two had a striking physical resemblance. Without a doubt, Cookie and Stich had a very strong and intense relationship that seemed to give Stich a lot of vigor and served as a mentor for her.

They shared toys, a bowl of water, and even their food in the same container, thus they were great together and there was never any conflict between them. Cookie had been “taught” by Stich to consume just half of the food and save the remaining portion for himself.

On Twitter, Easton stated:

“Since Stich is no longer here, I’ve started feeding Cookie less because this is her first time being by herself. He wanted to make sure she was eating before he went to bed. So I did, and she gave Stich the other half of her meal.”

For the entire family, losing Stich hasn’t been easy, and Easton claims that Cookie has behaved differently ever then, sleeping more and behaving more calmer than before.

Easton declared:

“We have shown him a lot of love and care. We are engaged in combat.

However, Barbara King, a writer and retired professor at the College of William and Mary, asserts that there are other ways to understand Cookie’s actions.

Cathy remarked:

“What appears to be agony on the surface may simply be habit, the long-term result of a hierarchical relationship.”

She has no doubt that the dog is suffering because she lost her lifetime friend, and she also knows that animals can sense pain.