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Man Found 2 Dogs In An Accident And Took Care Of Them While Their Parents Were In The Hospital

Living in Nova Scotia, Canada, Matthew Van De Riet noticed a basset dog with sorrowful eyes standing in the middle of a roadway. The dog was by the side of the road, looking dejected but seemed to be in decent physical shape. The tiny dog and another dog appeared to have survived the automobile collision that had occurred a few meters later unhurt.

Matt stated to CBC News:

“The basset dog caught my eye. He must have just exclaimed, “Thank God,” as he virtually sprang into my arms after looking at me.”


Matthew managed to glimpse the white sports vehicle surrounded by dust and debris a few yards ahead after discovering the dog. The car’s wheels were raised, and the roof was collapsed. A young couple was inside the automobile, which was soon visible to him. They had wrecked on a rural section of the highway about 11 a.m.

After making sure someone would contact 911, Matthew quickly grabbed a first aid kit from his truck. With the assistance of another person, he then opened all the gauze pads in the box to help stop the female passenger’s bleeding. vehicle.

The guy narrates:

I loaded the dog into the truck before interacting with the owner.


A nurse eventually showed up on the scene and started tending to the injured as the dogs, called Kipper and Merlin, waited inside Matthew’s truck. The man immediately considered the dogs, since they would be left alone if the couple were transported to the hospital by ambulance or helicopter.

The man and his girlfriend didn’t have any family in Nova Scotia, where the pair had reportedly moved two months prior.

“I reasoned that taking those pets home was the least I could do. I was aware that the pups were in distress and that the last thing anybody should be concerned about after an event involving a loved one is their pets.”


The two pups Kipper, a 10-year-old basset hound, and Merlin, a two-year-old shepherd-collie mix, received much more from Matthew than just basic care. Along with the dog beds, collars, and toys he discovered in the destroyed automobile, the nice guy put each dog into his truck.

After that, as he was unable to fly with his fiancée in the air ambulance, he was in charge of driving the injured man to the hospital in his vehicle so that they wouldn’t be separated.