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This Puppy Nearly Passed Away After Being Dyed With Purple Human Hair Dye

After her owner opted to dye her fur the color of purple human hair, a Maltese/Bichon mix dog almost died. The hazardous chemicals that were sprayed on the tiny body of the unfortunate small puppy named Violet caused terrible burns. Pinellas County Animal Control is attempting to spread awareness of Violet’s tale and the “makeover” that almost killed her by now.

She had been given serious burns all over her body after being colored purple with a chemical dye intended for people. She also had a swollen eye.

“We gave him drinks, painkillers, and rinsed as much of the chemical dye off gently as we could. We market it. We therefore wait. Violet returned to our veterinarian.

Little Violet had severe burns all over her body; she had enlarged eyes, was “lump and listless,” and was in terrible agony.

Fortunately, she made it through the night and woke up happier, but her body was still shaky. Her rescuers soon became aware of how severely they had hurt her.

They shaved her and questioned how the young girl could endure such suffering. However, Violet proved to be a warrior.

The shelter advertised:

“She began strolling the halls, stopping by each office to ask for goodies, cuddles, or tender petting. She always led the way with our vet in tow. It was obvious that Violet was recovering, and she wished for everyone to know it.