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A Donkey Acts Like A Dog Every Time His Father Comes Home

When his master returns home, this donkey acts like a dog. No one is unaffected by his reaction. He’s a kind animal that understands how to express his love.

It is no secret that when in front of a given group or at a specific moment, more than one individual adopts a specific conduct, yet this complex feature does not appear to be unique to humans.

CREDIT: Brad Blake

Although his parents adore him just the way he is, Walter has developed several behaviours that are characteristic of a puppy but would never be expected of a donkey.

Walter was adopted by a couple from Arizona, United States, when he was very little. After his mother turned down the burrito, Kelly and Brad Blake decided to take it to his place in Oatman.

Mothers reject their children for a variety of reasons, leaving them entirely defenseless at a time when they are most vulnerable and reliant. As a result, it is critical that they are protected and assisted.

Just like this burrito, who was fortunate enough to meet a family along the way who loves him wholeheartedly and takes care of him as he deserves.

CREDIT: Brad Blake

Kelly and Brad are recognized in their community for their love of animals and have a compassionate heart.

“There are wild donkeys roaming the city.” Walter was turned down by his mother because he was too young.

For ten hours, the Bureau of Land Management and locals sought to find a ride for Walter’s mother.

They phoned us and asked if we wanted to adopt him because nothing else was working. “Of course, we say yes!” Brad Blake said.

CREDIT: Brad Blake

Walter quickly adjusted to his new household and developed a close relationship with his father.

Now, the frail burrito that came at the couple’s home has grown strong and robust, weighing more over 68 kg, but most importantly, he is ecstatic.

CREDIT: Brad Blake

Walter shares his home with three German shepherd brothers, from whom he has learnt how to sleep.

The unique method in which the donkey greets its owner after a day’s labor, however, has piqued everyone’s interest.

CREDIT: Brad Blake

The family decided to tape one of Walter’s gatherings for Brad, and the footage has enthralled the networks.

“Walter behaves in a doglike manner. When we reach home, he wags his tail and becomes happy.

He leaps to his feet and rubs his body against my body in an embrace. For naps, he even sleeps down next to me on the couch “Brad Blake expressed his thoughts.