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The Postman Writes Little Messages To A Dog That Enjoys Receiving Mail

Dogs are extremely unique; they bring us a lot of joy; they are quite sociable, and they have a tendency to favor certain individuals. Some dogs appear to despise postmen and delivery men, while others, such as Pippa, a lovely Golden Retriever, seem to enjoy them.

Martin Studer, Pippa’s favorite postman in Brisbane, Australia, pays her regular visits. They have formed an extremely deep friendship.

Because she is one of his favorite clients and one of the few who is pleased to see him, the postman is likewise affected by the dog’s attitude. She goes out to welcome her pal whenever she sees him arriving and then gets the mail to complete her daily duty.

Pippa has been waiting for her pal and receiving a pat on the head every morning since they became buddies. She is so accustomed to this task that when the postman in her neighborhood is replaced for whatever reason, she feels quite angry and does not accept the mail.

Martn goes to great lengths to ensure that the dog receives the letter and that he does not disappoint her. However, there have been occasions when Pippa has gone out to get the mail and found nothing for her house, and Martin has had to be resourceful in order to avoid disappointing her.

Martin puts little notes on scratch paper to present to the dog so that she does not return with her mouth empty.

Despite the fact that she has no idea what the difference is, she departs quite delighted, and Martin likes watching how happy she is when she receives her letter.

Martin shared the article on Facebook

“On occasion, Pippa walks out for daily delivery but finds no mail to collect. As a result, I’ll have to improvise

The postman captured the event on camera, and after sharing it on social media, it soon went viral, attracting people from all over the world.

This is an act of love and kindness on the part of the postman, as he is always ready to please Pippa.

Martin told Boredpanda :

«I have been in the Pippa area for the last 2-3 years. I’ve always written something to him. I don’t want to disappoint her! She loves the mail. It really makes his day when we come.

Despite the fact that Martin doesn’t have any mail to deliver to Pippa’s family, he does it with tremendous affection and it’s good to know that he enjoys it.

Pippa will continue to receive mail on a regular basis, and she will be thankful to her favorite mailman for assisting her with her duties.