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Every Day, Dog Rings The Wind Chimes So He May Sing

Bleu, a lovable and beautiful golden retriever, has an unrivaled ability for blowing wind chimes, but that’s not all; this fluffy 4-year-old also sings along with the bells. When Bleu was a puppy, he found what would become his greatest ability when he came across this instrument, which became his favorite toy from then on.

Bleu’s adoptive mother, Ana Brown, claims that one day, while cleaning and arranging her yard, she strung out some old wind chimes she owned, and her then-puppy was captured by the music made by these metal pipes.

According to Ana, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When she was very, very small, approximately 4 months old, she walked out on the street and her head struck the wind chimes because they were so low; we thought that would be terrible for her hearing, but she simply started singing,” says her mother.

Bleu now rings the bells with his head, waggles his tail, and bends his head to begin his morning concert every time he walks out into the courtyard.

Ana’s thoughts:

«It’s the sweetest thing when he looks at you and sings while pounding his head on the wind chimes; I’m not sure if she enjoys the music or if she realizes she can play it herself, but it’s almost as if she’s trying to tune in to that. ”

Bleu has a significant number of fans on social media as a result of her skill. Ana posted one of her performances with the bells on Facebook and received 100,000 comments in only 24 hours.

Bleu’s video has had over 19.7 million views to far, and Ana has received several letters from people all across the world complimenting her incredible skill.