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Monkey Rescued Baby Is Overjoyed To Meet His New Parents

When the RSPCA was summoned to investigate a situation in which a monkey was being kept as a pet in Essex, England, they were devastated to meet tiny baby TikTok.

TikTok was plainly too young to be living alone in a birdcage. He wasn’t getting the attention he deserved, because monkeys aren’t supposed to be kept as pets.

In a press statement, Jack Taylor, an inspector with the RSPCA, said, “Primates are intelligent, conscious, and highly sociable creatures with complex requirements that just cannot be addressed in a home context.”

Fortunately, the RSPCA was able to negotiate a deal to take TikTok under their care. After searching for the ideal forever home, he was quickly adopted by Monkey World, a rescue where he will receive all of the attention he need.

Alison Cronin, the director of Monkey World, drove over to the RSPCA to pick up TikTok and was overjoyed to bring him to his new home and meet his new family.

Clydie and Ronnie, who the rescue believed would be his adoptive parents, were introduced to TikTok. Clydie and Ronnie had also been rescued from bad situations, so they knew what TikTok had been through. TikTok yelled out to his new mother as soon as he saw her and leapt up onto her back. Clydie was overjoyed to be able to care for her new son and began doting on him right away.

“Clydie immediately embraced him as her own, carrying, grooming, and protecting tiny TikTok,” according to a news statement from Monkey World.

TikTok was roughly 5 or 6 months old and weighed only 0.2 pounds, according to the rescuers who examined him. He had been in urgent need of the care that only parents could provide, and now he gets it once more.

Clydie and Ronnie are ecstatic about their baby kid, TikTok, and the adorable trio is the prettiest thing you’ll ever see.

TikTok and his new family are an excellent example of why monkeys should never be sold as pets, and the RSPCA and Monkey World are both working hard to put an end to the practice.

“The case of Tiktok excellently demonstrates why primates should not be available to the general public and why they do not belong in people’s homes,” Taylor added. “This youngster has been taken from his family and sold as a novelty pet to someone who doesn’t know him and has no chance of providing him with what he requires. It’s a circumstance that should never occur.”

Thankfully, TikTok has started a new life in a location where he will always be protected and loved by his parents.