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This 20-Year-Old Dog Was Abandoned At A Shelter For Being ‘Too Old’

A 20-year-old cocker spaniel named Sonoma was abandoned at the Carson Animal Shelter by his family, with whom he had lived all of his life. the Golden State. He is nearly deaf and blind, and when they left him in the shelter, he was quite lost because he had never left his house.

Sonoma lived all his life with the lady who abandoned him in the shelter. He is deaf and blind, so his previous human mother thought he was too old to be swimming in the pool when she got home. He has no idea what is going on and is extremely perplexed.

Because of his elderly age, it was quite improbable that he would last at a public shelter, but fortunately, the San Diego-based Frosted Faces Foundation for Senior Dogs saved him.

The Frosted Faces Foundation’s creator, Kelly Smek, told The Dodo:

“A dog will only speak the languages of extreme devotion and affection at any age. We work at Frosted Faces Foundation because there is nothing that can be spoken to fully explain to a dog all the justifications for why he believes that the decision to abandon him is appropriate.

He was taken to the veterinarian a day after being rescued for a check-up and diagnosis of his health issues; there, it was found that he had infected ears and an ulcer on his left eye. He was immediately started on therapy for these conditions.

Cathy said:

“We won’t do anything too outrageous despite the fact that he has many skin tags and a few little tumors protruding from his body. She could need nothing else but care for her eyes and ears and a loving home.”

Sonoma’s eyes and ears have begun to recover, and he appears to be a little more animated. He likes to eat, so it is impossible to avoid dragging his long ears into the food dish. Despite his senior age, he is a delightful dog that needs a fresh start in order to offer and receive all the love he deserves.