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Woman And Her Dog Get Matching Shirts Celebrating Beating The Disease

Two members of the family that joined it almost simultaneously are Samantha Casson and her dog, Lily. In order to provide Lily a stable and loving home, his parents bought home a puppy just as Samantha began dating her husband, who was at the time her boyfriend.

Their paths originally met in this manner, and ever then they have been together in all circumstances and circumstances.


As she stated to The Dodo:

She has always been courageous and vivacious. Since then, a lot has happened to us!


Although they have been together since they first met, no one had ever thought that they would also be facing cancer together.

Samantha was identified as having APL leukemia last summer, a form of cancer in which blood cells do not divide and operate correctly.


He spent a difficult month in the hospital before being released and going home to start the eight months of outpatient chemotherapy he needed to recuperate. Lily was constantly by her mother’s side, even on the days when everything was challenging, despite all of these inconveniences and issues.

Samantha learned that she was in remission in March, which meant that her cancer symptoms and indicators were vanished.


They were soon informed that Lily and Buddy, another family dog, also had cancer. Unfortunately, Buddy’s cancer was quite severe, and he passed away. However, Lily never gave up hope of beating the illness and returning to her regular life.

Because that was the least she could do after constantly supporting Lily, Samantha made sure to always be there for her.