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After Becoming Soul Mates, An Elderly Lion Pair Is “Put To Sleep” At The Same Time

“We arrive alone and go alone in this world.” This often repeated phrase, however, is not totally accurate in the event of exceptional circumstances, such as the case of our heroes today: a lovely couple of senior lions for whom love triumphs over death.

CREDIT: Lincoln Park Zoo

Hubert and Kalisa had six joyful years together in the Los Angeles Zoo in California, United States, during which time they became inseparable soul to soul in one essence and one heart.

The park administrators decided that after their life expectancies had been fully satisfied and their health had deteriorated, they should be allowed to slumber together in perpetual sleep so that neither of them would have to continue living without the other.

CREDIT: Lincoln Park Zoo

Normally, confined lions in zoos live 15 to 17 years, but owing to the miracle of their connection, the lovely couple was able to enjoy and reach the grand age of 21 years together.

Unfortunately, Hubert, who was born in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo, and Kalisa, who was born at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, began to encounter age-related issues that were affecting their daily existence and quality of life.

CREDIT: Lincoln Park Zoo

“These lions were charismatic when they were together and when they were apart, but they were seldom separated. “As they lounged together, hugged and rubbed, their undivided focus was always on one other,” said Beth Schaefer, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Zoo.

Denise Verret, director of the animal enclosure, stated that the pair in love constituted an iconic element of the Los Angeles Zoo experience, adding that their example of dedication and friendship worthy of imitation had impacted everyone of the zoo’s workers and guests in some way.

CREDIT: Lincoln Park Zoo

“When we first saw these devoted partners at the Los Angeles Zoo six years ago, we were captivated by their breathtaking beauty and special relationship. “You can’t imagine one without the other,” Schaefer continued.

As a result, the time of parting for all the guardians of this and other creatures was sad. The most comforting thought will be that they did not suffer in the absence of the other and that they departed together to meet the stars, allowing their love to transcend until it was equated with the universe.

CREDIT: Lincoln Park Zoo

Verret concluded his touching statement by praising keepers and veterinary workers for carefully caring for lions that lived longer than the majority of their colleagues, even while kept in captivity rather than in the wild.

According to Alisa Behar, who works as an animal caregiver at the aforementioned Californian park and had grown accustomed to those regular, expressive roars full of genuine and real devotion, the loss is tough to accept.

CREDIT: Lincoln Park Zoo