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Meet the newest addition to San Antonio’s Zoo: A Duiker Baby

A young duiker is busy investigating his new surroundings.

The baby was born on June 28th and already has a name: Viazi, which means potato in Swahili. The name is a wonderful fit for him because of his sweetness.

Stumpy and Kate have a total of four children. They’ve been doing an amazing job.
The San Antonio Zoo in Texas is overjoyed at the coming of its newest member. Sub-Saharan Africa is home to this species.
Two categories of animals can be identified. Which environments do they prefer: woods or bush duikers? They are quite timid and like to hide behind thickets.

Leaves, bushes, fruits, pods, seeds, flowers, fungus, and other plant matter make up their diet. They are one of the few antelope species that consume insects.

Females give birth following a six-month gestation period. They usually only have one child, however twins are possible every now and again. They are completely developed after seven months. Females can then mate at the age of 8 to 9 months and birth their babies.

When a mother is about to give birth, she likes to hide under dense foliage. They keep their lambs hidden at first as well. Despite the fact that babies can run within 24 hours after birth.

Duikers are most active late in the afternoon and early in the evening. They don’t enjoy sharing their area and will likely chase someone of the same gender away. As an end, they either go alone or in pairs. They do, however, get together from time to time to gather fallen fruit.

The species avoids open grassland that isn’t well-protected.

Viazi has flourished in her new environment. The newborn duiker is unquestionably a welcome addition to the San Antonio Zoo.