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In The Jungle, A Brave Husky Discovered A Box Full Of Kittens And Adopted Them

Whitney’s adorable 3-year-old husky has been at her side since she was a puppy; the lady taught Banner herself to assist her and others with various jobs and situations, and she knows just how to drive when her owner is suffering from an anxiety attack or PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Whitney explained to Bored Panda:

«She sends out notifications for tept episodes, anxiety attacks, headaches, directing work, impulsivity, medication recovery, self-harm interruption, and a few other things. She is constantly connected to kittens since we do a lot of rescues. Banner reared my first newborn cat two years ago, which I got from a bottle found in a ditch.


Whitney is also a huge animal lover, so she and Banner make the ideal couple, and whenever they can, they do some rescues on their own. This is how, one day while trekking through the forest, they came across a sealed cardboard box with seven newborn kittens.


Banner instantly notified Whitney and took her to the location of the little felines in the woods; after opening the box, the woman started to take the kittens out one by one.


Whitney tells Metro in an interview:

Someone must have placed them in a cardboard box, carefully closed the lid, and left them to die. They most likely believed that no one would ever find them. I’m not sure how Banner knew they were there. The kittens froze and didn’t meow or do anything else.


Banner has not left their side since they rescued the kittens and has decided to adopt them as if they were his own offspring. She is a very motherly and loving dog, and as long as the cats are in her care, she will do everything she can to keep them well.

The children were welcomed and cared for in Whitney’s house, and she then takes it upon herself to find each of them a loving home.

Whitney continued, saying:

«I will locate suitable homes for the kittens, where they will be loved indefinitely. Because our local shelter frequently euthanizes animals after three days, it’s ideal if I take care of them personally. That’s why I’m usually the one who ends up babysitting. I do not want them to perish.


This courageous and loving husky will be remembered as a hero by all who hear her story; owing to her abilities and enormous heart, these felines are now secure and happy. This rescue will undoubtedly be remembered for a long time.