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In The Hopes Of Being Saved, A Homeless Dog Wags Her Tail At Everyone Who Goes By

After attracting the attention of a group of rescuers, a homeless dog in Sri Lanka demonstrated that perseverance pays off. The little girl lived on the freezing alleys of Nuwela Eliya, and despite the fact that her days were bleak, she never gave up faith that someone would come to her aid.

She had a bright and upbeat disposition, and she was always wagging her tail whenever someone went by, seeking to get their attention.

The dog was usually in a metropolitan market, hoping to get recognized. A bunch of elephant rescuers noticed her in this light.


A group of elephant rescuers from Elephant Nature Park in Thailand were traveling across the city to conduct study on the elephants in the region. Elephant Nature Park is a sanctuary for injured elephants with the goal of rescuing and rehabilitating as many elephants as possible.


The Save Elephant Foundation’s founder, Lek Chailert, and a group of other rescuers observed the small female waving her tail.

The following is a description of the YouTube group:

“We spotted a small dog waving its tail at pedestrians in the market, where thousands of people pass by, urging people to pay attention to it.”

Despite the fact that several people went by, no one stopped to assist the dog; instead, they simply disregarded her and proceeded on their way. This group, however, couldn’t resist the small girl’s charms and chose to stop to caress her and pay attention to her.


Because the crew was not in a hurry to travel to their study site, they gave the little girl one more kiss and said their goodbyes. However, the homeless dog refused to be left behind and proceeded to follow the party of rescuers on a lengthy trek.


The nervous and demanding little girl won the rescue team’s hearts and convinced them to find a way to get her off the streets. They were moved by the dog’s zeal and tenacity, and they resolved to do all in their power to assist her.


Lek and his friends decided to find a speedy solution, so they started asking passers-by whether they wanted to keep the little girl.

According to the group:

“We decided to invite passers-by to adopt her and care for her.” They lost interest when they realized it was a girl.


A solution that proved to be more difficult than anticipated; gradually, they ran out of possibilities. Fortunately, his fortunes shifted. Thushara, the driver of the car in which the party was transferred, volunteered to look after the small child.

Rescuers were pleased to discover that the puppy who had won their hearts with her perseverance was now safe and sound.


Lek stated:

“While she was staying with us at the hotel, we got her a fresh blanket and washed her, converting our baggage into her bed.” I believe this was the first night she slept well and sweetly.

The tiny girl was called ‘Lek Lek,’ and she seemed to be overjoyed to have a lifelong home and family. Finally, Lek Lek moved to his new house with his adoptive father and his new family; three years have gone since then, and she has had a healthy and happy life.

After three years of living happily, Lek Lek received an unexpected and thrilling visit from one of his rescuers.


Lek Chailert had gone to his gorgeous friend’s house to check how she was after all these years. And, despite the fact that Lek Lek had not seen any of his rescuers throughout this period, he evidently knew her when he saw her.

The lovely reunion was recorded on camera, and you can sense the love and delight that both exude when embracing and hugging each other.