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This Baby Stoat Goes Crazy On Trampoline- The Video Went Viral

Robert Fuller decided to build a jungle gym on his yard and he created a cool trampoline.

But one day he had noticed a stoat on the trampoline and got surprised.

“I first noticed a stoat on the trampoline around 2015,” Fuller told The Dodo. “It had been snowing and I followed the stoat’s pawprints all the way up to the trampoline and all over it, too!”

Day after day, he saw that there were two stoats on the trampoline having the time of their lives.

Robert decided to record them.

“When I developed my camera set-up a few years later, the trampoline was a prime contender for a camera and I soon had exciting clips of stoats bouncing and having fun,” Fuller said. “The stoat kits seem to meet at the trampoline to play and have fun! They seem to like the texture of the material and use it for particularly bouncy playfights and stretching.”

Actually the stoats were having so much fun.