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Every Dog He Meets On His Walks Gets A Hug From Loving Corgi

Wallace recognizes that things are difficult, and he knows how to make them better – with a huge embrace. As large as his small arms will allow.

When Noah Raminick takes Wallace for a stroll, he can anticipate Wallace to come to a complete halt if he sees another dog. The year-old corgi enjoys playing and will not allow another dog go by without embracing him.


Wallace’s brother, Raminick, told The Dodo, “He’s the biggest sweetie.” “When he’s among humans and other dogs, he’s always quite cheerful. He enjoys giving humans cheek licks and is always the first to begin a play session when he encounters another dog.”


When it comes to huge dogs, the low-bodied puppy is fearless and will stand on his hind legs to achieve the greatest possible hug angle. Daisy, Wallace’s best companion, is a Great Dane, but the corgi understands that size is irrelevant.

“Whenever they see each other, they always embrace,” Raminick added. “One of her paws is the same weight as Wallace’s entire body.”


Wallace is sure to play gently with smaller dogs so as not to frighten his new pet. Wallace won’t go in for the embrace until he checks with the other dog to see whether he’s okay with it.

“What’s noteworthy about his hugging is that he wasn’t coached to do it,” Raminick explained. “I believe it boils down to him being overjoyed at the prospect of playing with another dog.”


When Wallace is with his human family, he makes sure to distribute the love as well. “Morning and evening cuddling, fetch, and me chasing him around the house are his favorite things,” Raminick added. “I don’t believe Wallace has any pet peeves.”