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Dog Accompanied His Friend, A Dying Horse Until The End

One of the eleven dogs saved by Martn Miranda and his family, who also saved a horse that was destined to be given to a zoo as food for the lions, is named Forastero. The horse they called Canario was gravely ill, but the dog never left him alone until it was too late.

Even though the Canary was extremely frail and could hardly stand on its own, the family decided to ask the owner if they could try to save it. They had previously saved chickens, rabbits, and dogs, so they couldn’t accept the idea of letting this horse perish.

Canario stayed with Martn’s family for five months, but throughout that period, nothing changed for the better. Canario’s health grew worse till he was unable to stand on his own.

Volunteers for Our Horses (VPN), another non-profit organization, alerted the members of Ayuda a Caballos Maltratados (ACMA) in Argentina about a horse who was laying on the ground and was unable to stand.

The horse had no teeth, was clearly extremely old and very worn out, had eaten away at its bones, and showed other symptoms of wear characteristic of an elderly horse.


The Corse veterinarian realized at that point that he was not dealing with another instance of horse abuse, which is typical in the region where horses are treated like racehorses until they pass away from fatigue.

Canary was dying and couldn’t move, so the doctor gave him a shot to put him to sleep and allow him to finally take a break from his arduous existence.

The family was shocked to hear that the Canary had been sacrificed, but they eventually realized that the horse, which they had thought to be young and in poor condition, was actually an elderly creature seeking peace.