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Fisherman Catches A ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster So Rare And Beautiful It Spares His Life

For more than 20 years, Robinson Russell has been a lobster fisherman. Robinson has discovered that there are lobsters that are genuinely one-of-a-kind during the course of his career.

He’s come across several that are unusually brilliant orange, yellow, or blue. However, only a few weeks ago, he caught what would certainly go down in history as the most unique lobster he has ever caught.

“I reside on a little Canadian island off the coast. “I’ve been fishing for years, but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it,” Robinson said.

There was one lobster that stuck out among the others. It had a gleaming shell with subtle purple and blue tones that was almost transparent. He initially assumed it was a fully albino lobster, but this was not the case.

Its shell glowed in varied hues due to a genetic abnormality. Robinson realized he was dealing with a really exceptional animal in a couple of seconds and opted to save his life.

“I didn’t want to sell it or see it as a dish of food on someone’s table.” “I chose to donate it,” the fisherman stated.

Robinson dubbed the stunning lobster Lucky on social media and contacted a handful of specialists to discover an explanation for its captivating hues.

Its hues are so unusual that it’s nicknamed the “cotton candy” lobster.

The magnificent animal was donated by the fisherman to the Huntsman Marine Aquarium in St. Andrews, where it will live in safety and get specialist veterinarian care.

“In the water, all the creatures with such varied hues tend to live shorter lives,” one netizen observed.

Many people were taken aback by the fisherman’s action. A unique and remarkable animal like this may have been worth a lot of money. He did, however, decide to send her to the aquarium and request that they safeguard her.

The inquisitive lobster is being demanded to be put back into the water by some animal rescuers. Its brilliant colors, on the other hand, make it a much more visible prey, and it has a greater chance of surviving a long life in the Aquarium.

“Some marine laboratories and aquariums are not at all like zoos. “These animals will have a very secure and happy existence there,” a person on social media stated.