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This Faithful Dog Has Spent 9 Years Of His Life Living In A Cemetery Where He Guards The Grave Of His Beloved Human

The Captain’s story is a perfect example of loyalty and devotion. This mixed-breed dog has spent his whole life at a cemetery, where he spends his days watching over the grave of the person he loved who passed away. The Guzman family welcomed Capitán into their house in 2005 as a present from Damián, a 13-year-old kid, to his father Miguel.

Argentina’s region of Cordoba is home to this family. Their residence is Villa Carlos Paz. Miguel started the amazing tale that has been heard by hundreds of people all over the world before he tragically passed away on March 24, 2006.

Captain’s family assumed he was either lost or had moved on since he never returned home. “Until one day, when I went to the cemetery with my kid, we discovered him there. “The dog approached us barking as if he were sobbing when Damián started shouting that he was the Captain,” recalls Verónica.

Capitán made a definite decision to remain in the cemetery next to his human’s grave when Miguel’s family attempted to take him back home.

“The dog was still at Miguel’s grave when we went to see it the following Sunday. This time, since we had been walking, he followed us when we turned around.

The most amazing thing about this tale is that it is unknown how Captain was able to find the cemetery where his human was buried; after all, he passed away at the Carlos Paz hospital and his body was taken to a wake that was located a great distance from where he lived. Moreover, the dog never followed them to the grave.

Every day at six o’clock in the evening, Captain lies down in front of Miguel’s grave and spends the entire night with him because he won’t give up on him despite the fact that he is no longer living.

The captain, who is currently 11 years old and beginning to exhibit health issues brought on by aging, has trouble walking and moves slowly.

Even though he recently received a diagnosis of chronic renal disease, which makes him throw up and make him drowsy, he is still there, remaining steadfast to Miguel. Due to his advanced age, this dog ought to be receiving special care, but instead he is let to live on the streets.

A FUPA member remarked, “He has had a life of a stray dog, feeding at the wrong time, going through a lot of weather, and he is a very special animal that prefers alone and constantly wanders with a mournful expression.

His unique and essential meal has been provided by the FUPA organization in order to boost his health.

The captain had surgery on his eyesight last year, according to Pablo Castro, a cemetery employee, and is still recovering. He says, “He looks ancient, but he’s good. Since he rose to fame, a lot of people have visited and met the Captain, he said.

Héctor Beccega, on the other hand, was among the first to learn about Capitán’s wonderful tale when he observed how, one day, he met up with Miguel’s family at the cemetery gate. Now that he notices how worn out he is, he remarks, “It seems he wanted to go with his master.”