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These Lovely Dogs Adore Hugging Each Other- Meet Envy, Zain and Trek

The hugging Instagram dogs Envy and Zain now have the cutest addition to their family – meet Trek the rescue puppy. The human mom of the beautiful dogs had been thinking about expanding the family for some time. She was on the look for a border collie puppy to rescue from a shelter when she heard about Trek. “Trek’s mom was surrendered two weeks before giving birth in November,” their human, Kelly Bove said. “I was able to follow along with the litter as the adorable puppies grew up, driving four hours to meet them at 3.5 weeks old and 6.5 weeks old, before bringing Trek home at 8 weeks.”

Envy and Zain were excited to welcome the new pet dog. “Envy LOVES to play with him so much,” Bove said. “Zain also gets along great with him.” But does the adorable doggie know how to work it on camera as well as his older Instagram star brothers do?

“Trek is always on the move, so photo time was interesting up until a few weeks ago when I finally taught him how to stay,” Bove said. “But now that this smart dog knows how to stay, he is turning into a pro when it comes to modeling for the camera.”