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Puppy Is Abandoned In A Hospital With A 46-Pound Tumor

A lady called Sherri Haughton cruelly abandoned this 46-pound dog with a tumor before bringing him to the AAA Animal Hospital in Huntington Beach, where she claimed to have found him on a California beach looking like a stray. However, it was really her dog.

The lady may serve up to two years in jail if found guilty of the animal cruelty accusations against her.

It cost thousands of dollars to perform Henry’s surgery, which was successful thanks to public donations. Henry is about eight years old.

Surgery to remove the tumor was done because the dog’s right leg was being crushed by the enormous tumor, making it difficult for him to walk and relieve himself properly.

Supervisor of Newport Beach Animal Control Valerie Schomburg said:

“The majority of the vets involved in his story have never seen (a tumor) this big,”

The doctors concluded that Henry would be strong enough to undertake the risky procedure, and he did.

The woman could have made arrangements for Henry’s care and was aware of the dog’s health status, according to the prosecution, but she chose not to heed the veterinarian’s advice. The easiest course of action for this unconscious woman was to abandon him and give Henry’s care to other people, who fortunately assisted him selflessly.