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A Cat With No Ears Finds A Lifelong Home And Meets His Best Friend

A sorrowful cat has found happiness, and his story has touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Many animals continue to have the worst experiences in the dangerous and chilly streets, with no one wanting to help, and as a result, they become extremely ill and on the point of death.

Credit: No_ear_meow_potato

This is how a helpless kitten named Potato survived for a long time amid China’s crowded streets, without a roof under which he could sleep quietly and with little food.

This tiny fuzzy boy’s life was not easy; his health gradually deteriorated to the point where he had a serious ceruminous adenoma inside his ear canals.

His situation did not appear to be improving until rescuers arrived to assist him.

Credit: No_ear_meow_potato

This is how, in Potato’s tragic existence, some brave rescuers appeared from a Chinese sanctuary named Treasure Life, Be Kind To Animals Association, who, upon noticing his critical state, promptly took him with them to obtain specialist care.

But it was too late; the damage to the cat’s ears was so severe and long-lasting that veterinarians recommended that the ears and ear canals be removed to kill Potato’s serious infection.

As a result, the cat underwent surgery to have his ears removed, as it was the only way to save his life.

Credit: No_ear_meow_potato

Two years have gone since Potato’s successful surgery, and he is now living life to the fullest, this time with a loving family who accepts him for who he is, no matter how tragic his background was.

“No one knows when Potato was born or how old he is because he was a stray cat,” the kitten’s new family explains.

Credit: No_ear_meow_potato

Potato’s precise age is unclear, but his family believes he is around 6 years old, and they have decided to celebrate his birthday annually April 25 because he was adopted on that date in 2019.

Potato looks forward to celebrating his birthdays with his new family, complete with balloons and scrumptious cake.

But, without a question, the ability to live with his feline brother Horlick, with whom he normally plays and then sleeps happily, is what he values the most. They have had a special bond since the beginning, and they are the greatest of friends.

Credit: No_ear_meow_potato

Potato’s family claims that despite losing his ears, he has not entirely lost his hearing and that he is a very devoted kitten who is prepared to offer everything he has to the family who has given him a second chance at happiness.

This gallant cat will be always thankful to those who provided him with the love and protection he greatly needed after his difficult history.

“Thank you to those lovely souls that have provided him with a home and a family. “May God shower a thousand blessings on your home for such a sweet act,” one netizen said.

Credit: No_ear_meow_potato

Fortunately for Potato, losing his ears signaled the beginning of a new life, one free of pain and rejection. Congratulations on your accomplishments, little kitten.

All animals deserve to exist in a world where they are protected by humans who appreciate their lives and are dedicated to their well-being.