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Doggo Waits Every Day To Get A Hug From His Favorite Mailman

It seems that every doggo has an infinite capacity for excitement. Being the life-long toddlers that they are, they seem to find joy in every little thing in this world such as the squirrels they spot running around in the backyard, children when they come home from school, this squeaky toy, THIS SQUEAKY TOY, the little tuft of grass on someone’s shoes. If there’s one thing in this world of infinite excitement that dogs just can’t get along with, it’s mailmen. We have no clue what the problem is but it seems to be impossible to convince almost every other dog that there’s nothing wrong with having a man coming to your door to drop mail every day. But Moose is here to prove all of us wrong, doggos and humans alike. He met a new mailman a few weeks ago and immediately forged the most precious bond with him.

Even though Goldies are known for their inexplicable fondness for their families, Moose is a very special Golden Retriever. His kindness and love goes above any boundaries or stereotypes. Even the very strong one that states dogs just can’t go along with mailmen.

Apparently, a new mailman was assigned to Mosse’s area. The doggo first sensed the good vibe of the man watching him from behind the window and asked to be let outside when he saw the mailman’s truck approach the next time.

It is seen in the video that Moose was sure not the only one excited about the encounter. “It was adorable,” Meghan Gruszynski, Moose’s owner said. “I loved how much he loved our boy and loved how much Moose loved saying hi to him.” Now Moose waits outside to give hugs to the mailman every day.

“I’ve come to find out our mailman’s dog recently passed away,” Gruszynski said. “He loves how much love Moose gives him every time he is out on his route. Hopefully, it continues for many, many years!” she added. “He’s our mailman ’til he retires, so it should be fun watching their love.”