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Wild Horses Gathered To Say Goodbye And Mourn A Mare Who Passed Away Giving Birth

In a heartbreaking video, wild horses bid farewell to a mare named Clydette who passed away while giving birth to her baby. Everyone can be seen grieving and showing extreme grief for what occurred. The bands of wild horses along Arizona’s Salt River slowly approach Clydette’s lifeless corpse in this video, which was posted on the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group’s Facebook page.

When the veterinarians arrived to assist because the foal was blocked in the birth canal, it was already too late; both the mare and the foal had passed away from septic shock.

Other gangs of horses eventually learned what had occurred and arrived to the spot.

The team published this on Facebook:

“What occurred next was amazing. The other gangs lined up and waved to one another as they left. One band came first, then another. So, there was a brief power struggle between the two leading members of those two gangs.

“You can see Clydette’s horse rushing back one more time, giving out a little cry in a desperate attempt to defend her, or perhaps to inform everyone that she was his.”

“To truly comprehend and lament death, a species must be extremely intellectual. We’ve seen bands grieve their losses before, but it was incredible to see other bands show up to mourn the loss of this horse.”