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Dog Cries When Dad Has No Choice But To Drop Him Off At Shelter

Blue Bear’s sole home for the previous 11 years had been the one provided by his father, but that all changed last week due to life circumstances. Blue had no option but to drop off his adoptive father to the Trenton Animals Rock shelter since he had nowhere else to go.

Blue began barking because she didn’t understand why she was in the shelter and why her father wouldn’t stop sobbing.

The staff at the shelter were terrified, but Blue’s father encouraged her to sit down, and Danielle Gletow, the facility’s director, came over.


Danielle explained to The Dodo:

“When I approached him, he quickly placed his head on my waist and let me to pet him. He was simply devastating.

Blue was not hostile, she understood; he was only perplexed and unhappy since he didn’t understand why his master had abandoned him.


Danielle, on the other hand, assured Blue’s father that the dog would not be left at the shelter overnight and began seeking for a foster home. But Blue remained depressed, despondent, and devoid of spirit; he wasn’t with his own family, so he began to cry.

Danielle remarked:

“We attempted to kennel Blue Bear while we got together to make some calls, but he was really distressed.” So we drove him to the office, and he sat down in my lap.”


Despite being escorted, Blue would sit in front of the office door and scream constantly anytime he got the chance.

Danielle continued:

“When he turned around, tears were streaming down his face. I’m not kidding when I say I cried.”

Danielle was so affected that she assured Blue she wouldn’t leave the shelter until she found her a wonderful foster home. She wouldn’t be an easy assignment to pull off at 130 pounds, with severe arthritis in her rear legs and other health difficulties.


So Danielle had the brilliant idea of conducting a Blue Bear Facebook Live, and calls began coming in from all across the country almost instantly. Fortunately, a lady called Madison, who works as a foster care volunteer for several shelters, was one among the individuals who viewed the video.

Madison was eager to volunteer to take Blue in after witnessing the terrible video and phoned the shelter.

Madison took Blue home, and the dog began to relax, becoming calmer and displaying some of his kindness.

Danielle continued:

“We put a cushion on the floor, he lay his head on it, Madison and I got down with him, hugged him up, and spoke for a while.”

Blue’s father is still in contact with Danielle, but he hasn’t resolved his issues, so they’re seeking for a home for the puppy.


Blue has a clean bill of health, so he’s ready to find a new home, according to a recent statement from the shelter on its Facebook page.