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One of The Fish That Diver Sees Every Day Has The Sweetest Smile on Its Face

Yuki Nakano is a freediver and underwater photographer from Hawaii who has long been recognized for his amazing marine life. She regularly swims with a variety of marine critters, but one day she encountered a sea urchin fish and was so taken aback by his amazing smile that she started to pay him daily visits.

Yuki usually attempts to keep a safe distance from the creatures she encounters, but it appears that this porcupine fish enjoys getting up close and personal.

Yuki first noticed the friendly fish in February while snorkeling at a famous Oahu location. He discovered at that time that the lovely marine mammal had an injury to his right eye, which looked to be fresh. He also struggled to swim in a straight path, but he didn’t seem bothered by the fact that his new companion was so near to him.

A diver comes face to face with a happy fish.

Credit: DOLPHIN808M913

According to Yuki, who spoke to The Dodo,

“When I first spotted him, I was perplexed as to why he was staying in the same spot, considering he usually flees.”

After observing his habit, the diver proceeded to visit the injured fish every day, and he always located him in the same spot.

Credit: DOLPHIN808M913

Despite the fact that the fish’s vision was blurry, everything seemed to imply that he knew Yuki and smiled at her.

Yuki came at the same location every day in March for his daily meeting with the fish, but it did not materialize. The woman was concerned about the fish, believing that something had gone wrong with it, but she hoped to see it again.

Credit: DOLPHIN808M913

Yuki continued:

“I had known him for days and then he vanished. I had faith and hoped to see him again.

Three months after his mysterious departure, the friendly porcupine fish resurfaced in the same location, welcoming Yuki.

Credit: DOLPHIN808M913

According to Yuki, the moment was remarkable because he saw that his injuries had improved, and the fish began to smile when he saw it.

Yuki remarked:

«I was relieved to see him again, and my heart murmured, “Welcome back!” “I’ve been expecting you.”

Yuki has a series of videos and photos of the smiling fish on his social media accounts, and it has become quite famous.

Credit: DOLPHIN808M913

A friendship that demonstrates that there will always be time for incredible ties to form between the animal and human worlds.