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Dog Becomes Foster Mom To Nearly 100 Kittens After Losing Her Best Cat Friend

After bidding farewell to her feline best friend, a rescue pit bull mix took on the role of surrogate mother for abandoned kittens. She has produced around 100 kittens in the previous three years. Zuca and her foster children meet Ella!

Zuca was discovered wandering the streets while pregnant. Animal Control took her in, and she gave birth to her puppies in a foster home.

She was such a terrific mother that she even provided for a few other people through surrogacy.

All of the cubs went to their permanent homes after being weaned, but Zuca had trouble locating hers. Ronda discovered Zuca’s picture on an adoption website five months later and fell in love at first sight.

said round:

“When I first saw her, all the other dogs were shaking in their kennels, but she was sitting peacefully and waggling her tail a tiny bit. I immediately began weeping when I saw her.

Zuca needed some time to get used to her new surroundings, but she never had any issues with Ronda’s cats. She quickly grew fond to her feline companions, and Stout quickly became one of her closest buddies.

said round:

“To the day of his death, Stout was Zuca’s doll. Because Zuca was so miserable, we considered foster care once more.”

Monkey the kitten was abandoned around three years ago and was in need of a mother. Zuca welcomed him into her life as soon as she met him. Zuca’s first adoptive child was Monkey.