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Hospital Hired A Dog Employee To Say “Hi” To The Staff And Patients

Dogs bring positive effects on humans- and that’s so many hospitals are ‘hiring’ them to relieve the stress of the staff and the patients.

Can you imagine how cute this might be?

Such a great idea actually!

Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center has hired an adorable dog as a “Justice Volunteer”.

Doggie is always there to greet and to say hi to the staff, patients and family members.

The hospital’s MD named Shari Dunaway has shared a lovely picture of dog.

Also, there are a lot of people comments for ‘hiring’ this dog to say “Hi” to everyone.

“It’s SO good for mental health of patients & staff. It’s a wonder more hospitals don’t have them,” a user commented. “Whatever he’s being paid, it isn’t nearly enough. That is some seriously valuable work!” another user added. “12/10 would promote immediately,” another one commented.

So beautiful!