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Learn The Story Behind The Photo Of An Old Dog And A Man That Moves Millions Of People

As he frequently did whenever something struck his attention, television producer Doug Delony, who works for the KHOU Houston television network, went for a run at Houston’s Discovery Green Park in May 2016. He had no clue how many people would be moved to tears when they saw the picture of the elderly dog with the guy kneeling next to him go viral.

A man was shown kneeling next to an aging dog in Doug’s photo. Next to him was a stroller, but it was empty of a child. The individual was being photographed without his knowledge.


Doug posted the photo on Facebook with the caption:

“I run on Discovery Green most afternoons, and nearly every time I do, I see this man pushing a stroller, but there is never a baby in it. He brings this gorgeous dog, who looks to be handicapped, to the park. He allows him to relax on the grass and take in the sounds and scents. In this picture, he is offering her water from a portable cup.

Doug conducted some research since readers were curious to learn more about the dog. Maximilian, also known as Max, the dog, was 16 years old when it happened. Since he was a puppy, he had lived with Edie, Troy’s (the man in the picture) wife.

In a Facebook remark, Edie stated:

When we relocated close to Discovery Green, we got Max a stroller so we could take him to the park he loves. Max is 16 years old, blind, and has arthritis. Some days are better than others.

Eddie kept going:

He adores all canines and people. He truly is a member of our family. He has given me more love and understanding than most people throughout the course of our 16 years together as a remarkable and lovely little guy.