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Dog Is Finally Adopted After His Mother’s Attack Left His Face Twisted

The majority of individuals consider others’ physical characteristics. Similar things occur while picking a canine companion; some people prioritize his exterior above his inner.

We ought to behave like our pets do because they love us unconditionally, never pass judgment, accept people for who they are, and live their lives to the fullest.

Fortunately, not everyone thinks that way; some individuals assess others based on their character and heart rather than their outward looks.


Such persons include Brad Ames and Amanda Richter. Despite Brodie’s deformed features, they made the choice to adopt him.


The dog, a cross between a border collie and a German shepherd, was attacked by his mother when he was just 13 days old, which caused facial disfigurement and left him half blind.

The couple adopted him right away after seeing him for the first time when visiting the Old MacDonald Kennels animal shelter in Alberta, Canada.


It was like falling in love at first sight; they admired how positively he saw life. As a result, they started to post about Brodie’s pleasure on various social media platforms.

The dog now has an Instagram account where they post various footage of Brodie’s day-to-day activities.


Users were startled and in awe of the dog’s attitude, and many asked to see pictures of the pair when they were younger, which the couple complied with.

They published the image of Brodie as a little boy along with the accompanying statement:

Many of you have inquired about Brodie’s puppy appearance, so here it is! We appreciate his former family getting in touch with us and letting us see how adorable he was as a newborn.

The dog previously belonged to a family, but they opted to give him back to the shelter because they couldn’t manage the puppy’s boundless activity.

People began to comment on how unique Brodie is and how he sets an example for us to overcome as his images and videos gained popularity over time.