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English Bulldog Becomes The Best Friend Of His Human Brother

Ewa Barska resides in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England, with her family. Her lovely 5-year-old bulldog named Eddy and her 8-month-old son Adam’s connection has recently gained a lot of attention on social media.

According to the mother, the dog and his human brother like taking lengthy naps together, and Eddy enjoys kissing the infant whenever he gets the chance.

Ewa also has a 4-year-old daughter called Anja, and she was certain that her loving dog would have no trouble bonding to the new baby. She has a wonderful bond with her eldest daughter.

Instagram/ ewa.barska

According to Ewa, who spoke to Metro UK,

“When Eddy is tired, he lays his head down on Adam and gives him tons of kisses. When Adam takes a nap on his cot, Eddy comes over and takes a snooze next to him. “He’s adorbs.”

When Eddy’s parents returned home with tiny Adam, he was immensely intrigued. Ewa recalls that they never worried about him being near the infant because Eddy was a wonderful big brother to her first daughter.

Instagram/ ewa.barska

Ewa stated,

“Anja enjoys playing in the garden with Eddy, especially fetch. She also enjoys cuddling with you ».

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Eva continues:

“Adam likes to check on Eddy’s paws, and he’ll try to playfully nibble Eddy’s ear or even put his hand in Eddy’s mouth from time to time.” Fortunately, Eddy is unconcerned with his best friend’s actions. He’s such a pleasant and laid-back dog. He doesn’t have a single bone in his body that is aggressive ».

Eddy is a wonderful young man, and his family considers themselves fortunate to have him; he is noble and loves everyone at home; he is gentle with the children; and he adores his parents.

Instagram/ ewa.barska