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Dog Won’t Stop Crying After His Dad Leaves Him At A Shelter

Meet Blue Bear, a lovely dog! He has been living with his dad for 11 years. But now his dad is obliged to leave him in a shelter. His dad had no other choice unfortunately.

And Blue Bear won’t stop crying. And…that’s so sad!

Now dog lives at Trenton Animals Rock.

“I went over to him, and he immediately leaned his head into my waist and let me pet him,” Danielle Gletow, director of Trenton Animals Rock, told The Dodo. “It was just heartbreaking.”

Blue Bear is so sad and desperate.

“We tried to put Blue Bear in a kennel just while we collected ourselves and tried to make some calls, and he was just super sad,” Gletow said. “So we brought him into the office, and he laid his head in my lap.”

“Every chance he got, he’d go over to the door and sit in front of it crying,” she added. “He turned around, and he had literal tears coming down his face. I’m not exaggerating — literal tears.”

Dog is 130 pounds and has arthritis in his back legs. Now he is living in a foster home.

“We put a pillow on the floor, and he laid his head down on the pillow, and Madison and I just sat with him and snuggled him and spent some time,” Gletow said. “He’s really sweet. He’s like a gentle giant.”

His attitude has changed a lot and now Blue Bear is feeling way more relaxed.

Still, shelter contacts with Blue Bear’s dad about dog’s health.