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Golden Retriever Falls In Love With The Local Delivery Men

This seven-year-old goofball is proof that dogs really are a man’s best friend, or, in this case, a mailman’s best friend. A series of videos shows Pippin, a golden retriever, eagerly waiting for the arrival of the local mailmen and then receiving long-awaited pats by her favorite people. Her owners say that Pippin has always been a friendly dog, but over the years she’s developed a particular affection and love for the local mail carriers who, seemingly, love the golden retriever just as much.

“Pippin has always been very friendly with everyone, especially our mailmen,” Pippin’s owner Kayla told Cater News. “She loves our postmen, our FedEx guys, our UPS guys, and, you guessed it, even the ice cream truck guy.”

In fact, Pippin is so lovable, she even got a man who was scared of dogs to become her friend. “Our FedEx guy was scared of dogs and wouldn’t come to our front door with a package for the longest time, but we did some sensitization training with him and over the course of a year, he became best friends with Pippin,” Kayla told the media.

The local mailmen and delivery guys formed a friendly bond with Pippin and now, each time they come to her house, they give her pats, rides around the neighborhood, or treats.