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Excited Puppies Are Sprinkled With Holy Water By The Priest On World Animal Day

We cannot dispute the fact that providing pets with unconditional love and attention is the most crucial thing for all pet owners. Celebrating their day is insufficient since these tiny individuals make our lives really remarkable.

Recently, World Animal Day was observed in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi.

Saint who devoted his life to loving and aiding all animals, including little creatures he regarded to be children of God and referred to as “Brothers,” as well as his fellow humans.

His legacy was that each of us should be aware of our role on the planet since the health of the environment and all creatures depends on our own health.

For this reason, it has become customary for priests from various cultures to bless our pets.

Although many activities have been altered or canceled as a result of the epidemic, nothing has stopped the Filipino priests from continuing the custom and blessing those who keep us company and show us affection while observing all safety precautions. unconditional.

No matter what kind of animal it was, the priest blessed it with the hope of giving it a long, healthy, but most importantly joyful life. This festival is observed annually in many places around the Philippines and draws a sizable crowd.

The celebration on this particular occasion was conducted in accordance with the security policy; those who desired to receive the blessing directly, pet owners had to stay inside the vehicle, and the mask was required to be worn.

Those who were unable to attend due to a variety of circumstances or who were unable to leave their homes placed their dogs in front of the TV as they read the blessing online.

Although not as genuine as some would think, it’s crucial to preserve the bond between God and animals. A representative of the location where one of the celebrations took place, Tefe Pesigan-Valentino, stated:

We still have many reasons to be grateful for the moments we spend with our devoted friends, even though we may not be able to celebrate as often as we once could.