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In The Jungle, A Man Discovers His Stolen Phone, Which Is Full With Monkey Selfies

Zackrydz Rodzi was shocked the other morning when he awoke at home in Malaysia to find his cell phone wasn’t where he’d left it the night before. Surprisingly, he only discovered the phone’s case.

Rodzi told The Dodo, “I assumed it was some type of theft.” “It was strange,” says the speaker.

There had been a robbery, it turned out. Rodzi, on the other hand, could never have predicted who the primary suspect would be.

Rodzi looked everywhere for the phone, just in case he had misplaced it, but he couldn’t locate it.


“While I was looking for it in my backyard, I requested my brother to call [to my phone],” Rodzi explained. “I heard the ringtone near my house, near the jungle.”

Rodzi discovered his phone in the bush, along with proof of the burglar.

The phone had been dragged through mud, resulting in some internal damage. Rodzi was fortunate in that it still worked.

He decided to look for hints in it.

“When I opened the photo gallery, there was a big bang. Everything was in its place “ Rodzi said. “Selfies. Photos.”

Rodzi’s phone had apparently been stolen by a monkey, who wasn’t afraid to use it.

The monkey had gone on a selfie spree.

Rodzi became less concerned about his phone being seized as he went through the photographs.

“I moved from being enraged to crying tears of pleasure. It’s amusing, in my opinion ” Rodzi commented.

Many of the monkey’s photographs were blurry, especially as the phone’s internal components deteriorated.

However, there were a few pictures that were rather artistic, such as these woodland vistas seen through the eyes of a monkey.

“I feel the monkey possesses some major abilities that need to be honed. It’s fantastic, “ Rodzi said. “As well as for a first-timer!”

Here’s a more in-depth look at what Rodzi discovered on his phone:

Rodzi added, “It’s not something you see every day.”

Unfortunately, according to Rodzi, moisture exposure may have permanently ruined the phone. He has no ill emotions against the monkey thief, who he believes entered the house through an open window that night.

“It’s all right. I can’t say that I blame him “ Rodzi said. “I would have never guessed it was a monkey that took my phone.”