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Woman Returns From Vacation With A Homeless Dog That Did Not Leave Her Side

When you travel on vacation to various regions these days, it’s not uncommon to encounter a lot of homeless animals there. Animals appear to walk the streets in many nations, whether they are cats, dogs, cows, pigs, etc.

Despite the fact that these creatures can be adorable and cuddly, some people decide not to pet them and instead choose to ignore them or bring them home.

However, 20-year-old Lucy Clydesdale, a beautician on holiday in Turkey, made the decision to bring a stray puppy home since she didn’t want to be apart from her.

Lucy Clydesdale‎

From the beach to the hotel, the dog, which some people dubbed “Karamel,” followed Lucy, and she hasn’t left her side since.

Says Lucy

Many stray dogs followed us to the hotel as we walked home along the beach, but only Jessie followed us to our room. She showed up on the beach the following morning, and she never left our side after that.

Lucy Clydesdale‎

He even sat by the pool and waited for us to leave while we walked to restaurants. We began to believe we had to keep her when other guests at the hotel commented on how devoted she was to them and stated they had never witnessed anything like it.

According to the Mirror, a different visitor to the Tropicana Beach Hotel advised that Lucy consider adopting the puppy and informed them about the Gumbet Stray Animals volunteer Facebook page.

For weeks, Karamel had been strolling the beach, presumably in search of her forever family. She has captured the hearts of many travelers since she is such a lovable little dog, and some of them even expressed interest in adopting her.

Lucy Clydesdale‎

One of the individuals who came upon this adorable little puppy on the beach was Brigitte Hoogenbos Bergwerff; Karamel frequently accompanied her husband Erik Hoogenbos.

Posted by Erik on Facebook:

“Does anyone know this lovely lady’s name? Can someone kindly tell me what I need to do to bring her to Holland with me? She is now always at my side after I rescued her during a fight.

Lucy Clydesdale‎

However, the couple was unable to bring her home because of the process to transport her to the Netherlands.

On Facebook, Brigitte wrote:

Ah, lovely Karamel. Although it is impossible, we really contemplate bringing her to our home in Holland. The process is challenging at first.

One of the persons she encountered on the way to Karamel was Michelle John, who wanted to take her home but already had numerous pets.

Lucy Clydesdale‎